What is the BFT Token?

BFT Token is our native governance token. BFT holders govern our ecosystem and receive the majority of performance fee profits through liquidity mining. Holding/Staking BFT is not only beneficial for individual profits, but also ensures the BFT Ecosystem runs smoothly.

How to Create a BSC Wallet

To get started with Bavala Finance, setup a wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain(BSC). Currently Bavala Finance only accept Metamask and Wallet Connect.

Ensure that you setup the wallet correctly and make sure that you have back up your recovery phrases.

Metamask is highly recommended to use.

Guide to add the Binance Smart Chain to Metamask

Use this guide to add Binance Smart Chain to MetamaskHow to create Metamask Account

How to calculate APR?

The APR is calculated based on the past exact percentage gain on the cycles with the (i.e. APR/365)

Why are the transaction fees so high?

High fee is because withdrawing it’s not just one transaction. With one click the smart contract is actually doing multiple transactions and thus requires more gas.

What is the risk?

pageRisk Disclaimer👍

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