Bavala Finance Token💌(Latest)

BFT is a deflationary token with a max circulating supply of 10 Billion. On each transaction, a tax of 1% will be burnt, hence incentivizing holders to hodl and decreasing the supply overtime. As the supply decreases, the scarcity of the token increases. This inversely-proportional relationship constitutes a supply and demand model. Furthermore, there is no limit as to how many tokens can be burnt until governance model decides the burnt limit in the future.

BFT built with Anti-Whale policy whereas the CAP for transaction is being set at Circulating Supply *0.1% per transaction.

BFT rewards user with 60% of total supply BFT(Farming Rewards) being minted through fees collected and evenly distributed among the pool with the farm ratio of 1BNB/30,000BFT. Every 1 million token of BFT issued, the minter contract will mint another 10% to reward the Team.

The minting of 30,000BFT to farming participant will be deducted 5% for every 1,000,000 Block for 10 times. After this cycle completed, communities will vote for the next minting rewards.

The following fee structure:

30% of Performance fee will be collected to buy back BFT

0.5% withdrawal fee if withdrawal happens within 72 hours of deposit for Defi Farms Pool

For further clarification the 30% performance fee is collected and given to the BFT stakers. For every 1 BNB collected through performance fees, 30,000 BFT is minted and given to respective users. So long as the price of BFT stays above 1BNB/30,000, users are actually earning money through this performance fee system. All of these fees will ultimately go towards BFT Staking Pool, thereby ensuring the sustainability and longevity of our project and benefitting BFT supporters/holders.

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