Fees Structure🎫

We Proudly To Share Up to 90 % of our Revenue with our Users

Below is a preliminary fee structure for BAVALA FINANCE. Please note that these are subject to change through community governance.

100% of BFT buy back will burn while minting contract will mint the rewards as below:

30,000BFT for liquidity farm

15,000BFT for BFT staker

15,000BFT for referral reward

Performance fees minting Reduction Scheme

  • The minting of 30,000BFT to farming participant will be deducted 5% for every 1,000,000 Block for 10 times. After this cycle completed, communities will vote for the next minting rewards.

-The goal is to build a leading asset manager that combines the best of DeFi and CeFi to generate high risk-adjusted returns that are customizable for retail and institutional investors.The long-term growth of Bavala Finance and the value propositions of BFT tokens depends on a sustainable and revenue-generating business model.

The fees earned from the LP will market buy BFT to distribute to users and to issue rewards.

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